Having a wholesome & successful career is not based on luck, it’s by being intentional.

You can have a wholesome & successful career, when you discover and have a proper understanding of who you are, your personality type, what career perfectly suits who you are & your professional self.

Most people are miserable at their jobs & what they do because it’s not what they want or worse they don’t even have an idea of what they ought to want.

Employers are usually trying to motivate the team, show them the value & vision whereby the primary reason most of these individuals are at the job is to earn a living. This ought to be avoided from the beginning and individuals can be primarily self-motivated with the value, vision of themselves and perfectly synchronise that vision and value to that of the company.

We at Growth Tribe Africa have built an active learning model that helps you discover the personality type that maps you into a career fit, takes you through our Pool of Equipped Talent Career Coaching Programme & matches you with companies & culture that suits you.

Discovering & Gain clarity on who you are, your career fit, the company & the culture that suits you with P.E.T Career Coaching Programme.




  • Discover self
  • Discover your personality type
  • Discover your Career Archetypes
  • Discover career fit for self & personality type
  • Discover Company culture that suits who you are.


  • Personality test assessments analysis
  • Assessment Testing & Personality
  • Finding expressions in the workplace with archetypes
  • Personality & professional synchronisation 
  • Uncovering Strengths
  • Establish Your Core Values 
  • Career Audit & Purpose & Goal


  • Personal Values & Vision
  • Aligning personal visions and values with the organisation
  • You and the workplace (Workplace Intelligence,  Workplace empathy, Workplace interpersonal skills, workplace )
  • Interest, Motivation & Reward
  • Self & Servant Leadership

Personal Branding

  • Personal Branding as a professional
  • Circle of Influence & Effective Networking
  • Stretching the Comfort Zone & Reaching for New Horizons

Strategy & Execution

  • Understanding Industry, companies, roles to fit
  • Reaching out to Decision-makers for your Dream Job
  • Tools & Templates ( email contents, Scripts, CV templates, email finder, social platforms search)
  • CV Audit -Core Competencies & Key Achievements analysis
  • Interview Dynamics – Screening, strategies, salary negotiations


  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Growth Mindset & Model 
  • Blueprint of Career Success
  • Career Pillars
  • Creating wealth as a Careerist
  • Putting it all together

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